About Me

Brian Donison

I’m Brian and I build WordPress sites for people who need a website, fast. I don’t believe that a well-designed WordPress site should take months to design and set up OR cost more than your first car. I offer a streamlined website design & set-up process for online business owners, creatives and experts, who want a professional website  ASAP.

Because when you’ve got a business to run, you don’t need to waste endless hours going back and forth with a designer or web developer. You need someone who understands your needs, can offer you an easy solution and get it set up and running quickly without breaking the bank.



I started Musopi to help business owners like you get your website up up and running quickly, so you can get your offer out into the world – faster and with NO set-up headache. I developed a streamlined WordPress site design & set-up process for online business owners, creatives and experts, who want a professional website live almost as quickly as you can get me your page copy.

I help non-techy business owners cut through the jargon, set-up headaches and decision fatigue so they can get a WordPress website set up quickly and easily.

The goal is to distinguish your business from the 2 billion or so (really!) other websites on the internet. I am able to do this by using professionally-designed layouts which are adapted specifically for your business. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

I happily traded the software cube farm for remote work back in 2007 and since then, my wife and I have had a bit of a ‘digital nomad’ existence. We chased the temperate weather around North America and have been splitting our time between Arizona, Vancouver B.C and a few places in between.

Fun facts:

  • I can’t start my day without coffee.
  • I can’t live without music.
  • I have moved my ‘stuff’ eight times since 2015 so I put the nomad in ‘digital nomad’.

When I’m not bouncing back and forth between north and south, you can find me walking with my lovely wife, exploring whatever city I’m in, hiking, reading, or maybe gaming with friends.

If you need a website for your business, or have a site which needs an update, let’s chat. Click the button to get in touch and tell me a bit about your business to see if we are a good fit.